The EUROPEAN UNION OF ELECTRICAL WHOLESALERS (EUEW) is a 15-nation organization representing the interests of the electrical wholesaling channel which distributes domestic and industrial products including lamps, lighting fixtures, electrical and electronic wire and cable, household appliances and electronic components. Total membership at the 15 national federations belonging to EUEW is about 1,300 companies with more than 5,200 outlets employing some 65,000 people. The thousands of products these companies distribute are produced by leading national and multinational manufacturing companies in the electrical industry.

Wholesalers in this sector are equipped to do business using state-of-the-art electronic ordering and communication systems which link them to manufacturers and customers. Their customer base includes contractors, installation companies, retailers, electric power companies, municipal authorities, industrial plants and end-users.

The role of electrical wholesaling has evolved to its present level of sophisticated marketing, logistics and customer service which includes technical assistance and support, systems planning, delivery to customer or site, and credit and financial services. This degree of professionalism ensures an optimum ratio of quality and service to price. The added value generated by the distributors is a very important part of the supply chain.

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